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Experience Design for NFT

Array - 08/02/2022

Guild : Atelier Techne

StudioDAO: fraDAO

Report: Experience Design February 2022

Status: in progress (last week)

Project members :


Experience Design for NFT – February – 2022 

We are living a moment of great joy and accomplishments, we know that creating an artistic community is a great responsibility, but we had no idea that by creating these workshops, for our elderly women, that we would have an organic onboarding of their families within the near protocol, because who wouldn’t want to buy an NFT, from their grandmother, from their mother, from their aunt, from their sister, from their girlfriend… This was never thought of, but it was reported by them, to us at fraDAO.

We started with a group of 22 women and we are in February with around 50 women artists, on telegram.

We also created a Discord channel for the workshop, with 26 women, remembering that we paid for the NITRO service within Discord.

The workshop is at the moment of creating the nfts leaving for the mint in the 03 stores: Mintbase; PARAS and Pluminite.

It is a joy to see our artists taking their due space within the digital universe and escaping from possible scams from art gallery owners, improperly authenticating their works through possible digital collective exhibitions, the consequence of which is passing the authorship of their work to the gallery owners. We are bringing a lot of precious copyright information to them. It’s great to see the artists’ enthusiasm for the workshop and looking for new forms of expression through image editors and digital photography. We also have the presence of artists over 30 years old with technological expertise.About the weeks of the workshop:week 01: Completed!The onboarding process created 22 new NEAR wallets worth 1 NEAR and at the end of the workshop we will be making 1 NEAR available as workshop certification.[](

Week 02: Completed!Experience Design meetings inside the Virtual gallery, with all participants.

Join others in VR at Workshop XP Design for NFT 2022, right in your browser.

We always have 4 meetings (10 hours) because the synchronous meeting is very difficult, and a video would not work, we need to talk to the artists, clear up doubts and give them customized examples, there is no way to eliminate this step. After this stage of the VR gallery, we went to DISCORD studying the stages of Experience Design.

Week 03: Completed!Moment of the art direction, artistic doubts, emotional support, consulting, and sending the PDF’s of the mint process.

Week 04: **In progress** (in Brazil the carnival period has no way to keep the artists in focus)

Mint Process, at 03 marketplaces. After the mint, we will talk about the extension and dissemination of NFTs on social media. At the conclusion of the workshop, the artist will mint the certificate with her name, and we will buy this NFT/completion certificate for 1 NEAR.



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